Just like intersections, Milton officials are failing the town

April 14, 2023

No municipality in the Cape Region has avoided the influx of new construction and associated issues more than Milton. However, with large properties being annexed on all sides of town and the future construction coming with those annexations, that’s going to change. Whether the town’s residents want it or not, Milton is going to see a historic transformation over the next decade.

That’s why now, with those projects still years away from being completed, is the time for Milton officials to start addressing much-needed infrastructure and traffic-related improvements downtown.

During an April 3 meeting, town officials had the opportunity to move forward on improvements to two of the town’s worst intersections – Chestnut/Wharton/Atlantic streets and Mulberry/Federal/Wharton streets. As proposed, those intersections would become four-way stops and also get pedestrian improvements. The projects are state-supported and there’s nonresident funding available to pay for most of the improvements. What should have been a perfunctory vote to confirm unanimous decisions made months ago to proceed with those projects instead turned into performance art when Councilman Larry Savage, for some reason, joined Councilwoman Lee Revis-Plank and Councilman Fred Harvey in voting against the improvements. Ultimately, with Councilwoman Annette Babich absent, the vote failed 3-3.

Afterward, when asked by Councilwoman Randi Meredith why he changed his vote, Savage said it was his right to change his opinion and refused to provide a reason why. That is an unacceptable response. Savage, and for that matter Revis-Plank and Harvey, should explain why they now think these improvements aren’t needed. State law may not require them to provide reasons for their votes, but their constituents deserve to know. Not only have their actions jeopardized nonresident-taxpayer funding for the projects in question, but also, their votes are jeopardizing the health, safety and well-being of their constituents.

It appears there’s still time for Milton to take another vote when there’s a full complement of council members. We hope that happens and the town can move forward. But right now, much like the two intersections in question, Savage, Revis-Plank and Harvey are failing the town.

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