L.E.A.P. dog wins penguin in Parcel Plus raffle for SPCA

September 29, 2017

Roger and Sara Anderson, owners of Parcel Plus in Rehoboth Beach, recently sold raffle tickets for a stuffed emperor penguin to raise funds for the SPCA. They selected a customer at random to do the drawing, and the name on the entry was Koko along with a local telephone number. As it turns out, Koko is a Golden Retriever who is American Kennel Club certified as Therapy Dog Advanced and Canine Good Citizen. Koko volunteers with L.E.A.P., Literacy Education Assistance Pups, founded by Lesley Bowers of Lewes.

With the assistance of therapy dogs, L.E.A.P. helps improve the literacy skills of children and grow their enthusiasm for reading. The program includes about 75 dedicated volunteers and their therapy dogs. The dogs and their owners are specifically trained to perform quality pet therapy mentoring and tutoring for children. Each therapy dog is tested and trained for temperament, skills and health. The children who have participated in programs like L.E.A.P. have shown dramatic gains in reading levels and impressive improvement in self-esteem and social skills, as well.

Since joining L.E.A.P., Koko has helped children at Rehoboth Elementary School, Rehoboth Boys & Girls Club, Lewes After School Program, Lewes Public Library, Bethel Christian Preschool and Children's Beach House.

The Andersons were delighted that Koko was chosen as the random winner of the stuffed emperor penguin. Over $200 in raffle donations are earmarked for the SPCA, and Koko in turn is donating the stuffed emperor penguin to Bethel Christian Prechool where she assists the children with their reading skills. For more information about L.E.A.P., email

Parcel Plus is currently selling raffle tickets for a stuffed lion, and all proceeds will go to Clothing Our Kids. Tickets are $1. Roger Anderson said, "The holidays are right around the corner. Stop by our store and meet the lion and give her a name. You might just win, like Koko did!" The drawing for the lion will be Tuesday, Jan. 16.