Let civility take over in primary campaign

August 19, 2022

As local and state campaigns ramp up for the Tuesday, Sept. 13 primary, voters in eastern Sussex County are met with a unique election cycle that includes state House and Senate races for Representative District 20, Senate District 6, Representative District 4, and Representative District 36, a newly drawn Sussex County Council District 5 seat, and Sussex County Recorder of Deeds and Register of Wills offices.

It’s difficult to not get mired in political rhetoric. Issues such as development and transportation are fire starters for political debate, as social media pages light up with incendiary comments, name-calling and speculation. Tempers flare and words cut like barbed wire. It’s unfortunate when critical thinking is pushed to the side and important issues get lost in a haze of party politics.

The race for the Sussex County Council District 5 seat is of particular interest and has resulted in one of the most negative campaigns witnessed in years. We urge the candidates and their supporters to keep the debate centered around the issues.

With so many key issues in the Cape Region, now is the time for voters to pay close attention to what candidates have to say in newspaper articles, letters to the editor and at numerous forums hosted by government and civic organizations. Our future depends on the essential process of gathering, listening to each other, debating and determining a course of action. It’s also paramount for voters to seek out the truth by doing their own research. 

Cape Gazette will publish a special preview in advance of the primaries in the Friday, Sept. 9 edition. We’ll also be working on a comprehensive election guide, including biographies and interviews with county and statewide candidates, to be published Friday, Oct. 28.

Let’s keep our eyes on the ball. Form your own opinion and above all, maintain civility as you exercise your right to free speech. Let cooler heads prevail. 

  • Editorials are considered and written by Cape Gazette Editorial Board members, including Publisher Chris Rausch, Editor Jen Ellingsworth, News Editor Nick Roth and reporters Ron MacArthur and Chris Flood. 

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