Letter: There’s no fake emergency at the border

February 12, 2019

Don Flood’s Feb. 5 letter comments on the Cape Gazette’s lead editorial about the partial federal government closure. He encouraged our federal representatives, senators Carper, Coons and Rep. Blunt Rochester, to do everything they can, “as check on an out-of-control [Trump] presidency.” 

At issue is border security and specifically the “wall” which the president has been promoting since his 2016 campaign. Mr. Flood thinks that President Trump is “declaring an emergency where none exists” or promoting a “fake emergency.” But, he ignores the evidence right in front of him.

For example, there is no recognition from him of the immense scope of illegal drugs flowing across the southern border.  Author Robert Saviano in his eye-opening book, “Zero, Zero, Zero,” about the drug trade documents that Mexican drug revenues from the U.S. range from $25-$50 billion annually!

He says, “They use a fleet of trucks to connect Los Angeles with the Midwest 24/7 to guarantee customers two tons of cocaine and heroin a month; 40 percent of the drugs travel highway I-35 in Texas,” that runs north from the border in an area where Mr. Flood says no wall is wanted by the “nine members of Congress (all Democrats but one) whose districts border Mexico.”  

If you believe that no emergency exists, why then would the murderous Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman be on trial in New York in shackles and under heavy guard … fake crimes? Finally, columnist and author Ann Coulter, criticized in the letter for pushing Trump to build the wall, reported in her heavily footnoted book on immigration, “Adios, America,” that, “in 2005 two Bear Sterns analysts did an analysis based on money transfers from the U.S. to Mexico, rather than inaccurate surveys.  The results indicated that the census undercounted illegal immigrants by at least half with the estimate closer to 20 million” … 14years ago!

Today, she writes that, “At least 30 million illegal immigrants are in the U.S.” To save our kids’ futures and our American culture, it’s imperative that our federal representatives act for the citizens of Delaware and the U.S. to seal our porous southern border from drugs and illegal immigrants.  

The emergency is not fake!

Geary Foertsch
Rehoboth Beach


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