Lewes in Bloom – nothing short of amazing

October 1, 2021

With masses of fall-blooming flowers cascading over the edges of their containers and their almost infinite variety of colors lighting up the town, it's hard to imagine – and who would want to, anyway? – what Lewes would look like without the constant and inspired efforts of Lewes in Bloom. 

Its volunteers and leadership recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the organization’s founding. In terms of the flowers planted annually, and the number of people planning and planting, digging, watering, weeding, and leading the fall and spring preparations to make it all happen, the organization’s growth has been exponential. 

How do they do it? Lewes in Bloom’s membership now tops 300 volunteers. They represent thousands of hours of concerted labor, and tens of thousands of annual seedlings and bulbs planted in about 25 different dedicated gardens and areas spread throughout the town and on both sides of the canal.

For residents and visitors alike, the accumulated results are astounding. The associated numbers of course are impressive, but the overall impact of so much natural beauty encountered at almost every turn has an enormously positive impact on the town’s general psyche. 

Fantastic in the purest sense of the word in terms of show-stopping color and beauty, Lewes in Bloom’s impact has also benefited the community’s economic health in a steady and consistent way. In addition to its beach and history draws, Lewes in Bloom’s gardens have added another dimension to the town’s allure as a destination city.   

Along with its complementary Art in Bloom efforts, Lewes in Bloom has helped transform Lewes into a community with a reputation for placing high value on aesthetics.

It's almost impossible to overstate Lewes in Bloom’s positive impact, and we join with all the others offering hearty congratulations and thanks to the organization for all of its awards and successes that benefit everyone.       

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