Lewes Canalfront Park courts to close July 5

Repaving and improvements to take place seven days a week
July 1, 2022

Those looking to play basketball, tennis or pickleball at Lewes Canalfront Park this summer will have to wait until August.

The City of Lewes will be repaving the courts with a new material that officials say is vastly superior to the current surface. Lines for basketball, tennis and pickleball will also be painted, upgrading the cosmetics and quality of both arenas. Unfortunately for those utilizing the courts, the contractor performing the work requires the temperature to be 80 degrees and rising in order to lay out the new surface. 

Rehabilitation was considered, but replacement emerged as the best option. It was believed that if they continued to fill in the cracks without replacing the surface, problems would continue and eventually replacement would be necessary. Officials say the new surface lessens the physical wear and tear on athletes’ joints.

“July 5 through the next 30 days is probably the worst time to close the courts because that’s when we would probably have the most vacationers here to use the courts,” said resident Gene Weiermiller.

Keegan Pando, who plays basketball at Canalfront Park, says that while this changes his routine for the summer a bit, he can still use the court at Shields Elementary and believes the changes will be good in the long term.

Normally, Lewes does not permit work on Sundays, but because the contractor is limited by outside temperature requirements, the city will allow construction to take place seven days a week. The project is expected to be completed in August, with the expectation that visitors and residents will be able to enjoy the new courts before the season’s end.

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