Mariner Middle students put muscle into giving

Milton conference room filled with gifts
December 27, 2017

Mariner Middle honor society students learned that giving can be hard work.

Using their muscles Dec. 13, 11 students moved dozens of bags of presents from the first-floor entrance of Milton Public Library and into the second-floor conference room where Milton Town Council meetings are regularly held.

There wasn't much room left to maneuver when Yaneira Vail, an eighth-grade honor student, dropped off her bag.

“It makes me feel good because kids who wouldn't get presents are going to get something now,” she said.

Sommer Dorman encouraged her classmates to keep moving as they each carried large bags full of gifts.

Taking a break in the room full of presents, she said she was enjoying her work.

“I wanted to do this because it's the season of giving, and the point of honor society is to give back to the community,” Sommer said.

Shawna Steinman, a Cape Henlopen liaison for homeless students, said this is the first year that Mariner's honor society students helped organize presents for the Community Caring Event. St. Edmond Catholic Church, Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware, Epworth United Methodist Church, Beebe Healthcare, Lewes Lions Club and individual families contributed gifts for 112 families with a total of 303 children.

Steinman said this year's response was wonderful. “This is a great experience for the students,” she said.

After an hour of hauling gifts into the conference room, eighth-grader Luke Crouch still felt good about his work. “I'm glad to help the community,” he said. “This has helped me get into the giving feeling.”