Milton’s Mark Gratton returns to the stage

February 17, 2021

More than a month after being wounded in a New Year’s Eve shooting, Milton musician Mark Gratton returned to live performing with two engagements at The Fox Hole on Federal Street.

Gratton performed two-hour sets on Feb. 13 and 14, and both performances were well attended. 

Gratton was shot Dec. 31 but was released from the hospital in early January. He said his recovery has been going fantastic, and he is able to move around, go for walks and do basic functions.

“I am back teaching full time and playing as many places that want me to be there. It feels amazing to be back playing and doing what I love again. The support and love I am getting from playing out, as well as my students, has been great,” Gratton said.

His schedule will see him play at The Fox Hole every Saturday night. He will also perform from 6 to 8 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 21, at Beaches Seafood on Route 16.

Regarding a legal case against the alleged shooter, who has not been identified by Milton police, Gratton said he has been advised not to go into detail about the case at this time. 

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