Milton officials look to add crosswalks

Three streets identified to be converted to one-way
July 11, 2019

Milton officials would like to install three new crosswalks to improve pedestrian safety.

At a meeting of the town’s streets, sidewalks and parks committee June 18, Public Works Supervisor Greg Wingo said crosswalks are planned at Front Street and Chestnut Street, an intersection that will be upgraded as part of the renovation project at Milton Fire Department. Wingo said that roadway around the firehouse will be redesigned to better accommodate fire trucks, and new sidewalks with Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant ramps will be part of the project.

Wingo also proposed crosswalks at the intersection of Chestnut Street, Atlantic Street and Wharton Street. Wharton Street runs from Federal Street to Chestnut before turning into Atlantic Street heading toward Cave Neck Road.

That intersection is a two-way stop, but Wingo said because foot traffic is increasing, it would be a good place for a four-way crosswalk. He said he has requested stop signs at all corners of the intersection..

Chairman Emory West said crosswalks have been discussed for a long time.

“This is because of the people who won’t stop,” he said.

West said Wingo has tried to remedy the problem by getting larger stop signs at the two-way stop, but it has not stopped people from speeding through the area.

“You could have one that goes all the way across the street and they’d still go through it,” West said.

Wingo said the four-way stop signs would have lights to give motorists additional visual cues.

“Something has to be done,” Wingo said. “The problem is really on Wharton and Atlantic. They don’t see the stop sign or they aren’t paying attention. It’s something that needs to be addressed.”

Finally, Wingo said he would like to see the town put in crosswalks at Chestnut Street and Village Center Boulevard - the main road heading into Dogfish Head brewery and Cannery Village. He said there is no crosswalk going across Village Center Boulevard, where there is a lot of foot traffic.

Besides crosswalks, the committee also discussed changing three streets from two-way to one-way streets: Hazzard Lane, Sand Street and Manship Street, all of which are narrow alleyways between Federal Street and Chestnut Street.

“The only way you can pass anyone is by going in someone’s yard,” Wingo said.

West said, “And then if you get just right you can’t move. I’m with Greg; we should make these one way. We just need to figure out which way.”

Wingo suggested Sand Street and Hazzard Lane should empty onto Federal Street and Manship Street onto Chestnut Street.

The committee decided to allow Wingo to write up his recommendations for discussion at the committee’s next meeting before being presented to town council for approval.

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