New massage method helps breast cancer survivors

The Spurgeon Method is a therapeutic breast massage
April 4, 2019

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Lewes  Delaware  19958
United States

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, Sally Spurgeon looked for ways to relieve her pain. After going through several massages and different techniques to become pain-free and restore her range of motion, Spurgeon, a certified lymphedema therapist, developed The Spurgeon Method, which assists women who are recovering from all types of breast cancer. 

Sheri Jones, a licensed massage therapist and certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist in Lewes, is the only massage therapist in Delaware performing The Spurgeon Method. “Within one session the patient will notice pain relief,” Jones said. The Spurgeon Method, which utilizes a combination of MLD, bodywork and other techniques, is great for flushing toxins, reducing pain, improving range of motion, helping patients overcome physical and mental barriers, and maintain healthy breast tissue. “The Spurgeon Method can take place before or after surgery,” Jones said, “any breast surgery.” She went on to say “Every woman needs to know the benefits of a breast massage.”

The process, which is an hour in length, stretches the back muscles, opens the lymph channels and is an exercise in deep breathing, diaphoretic breathing, manual manipulation, and only 10 percent is on the breast tissue. It is also good for prenatal care. 

Jones also performs regular massages, Swedish massages for relaxation and deep tissue massages that are therapeutic. 

“I’d like to get the message out so if any other therapist wants to learn or start to practice the method, we can help,” Jones said. She went on to say, “Women need to take their own breast health into their own hands. This is a great way to start.”

For more information call 302-740-1348. 



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