Park restaurant conflicts with park’s mission

November 18, 2022

My husband and I retired to Delaware, specifically Lewes, in April 2022. One of the important reasons for choosing this region was the quiet, natural beauty of Cape Henlopen State Park. 

We were shocked to learn that one of the proposed improvements to Cape Henlopen State Park is the construction of a 6000-square-foot oceanfront restaurant with live music and bar that will remain open until 10 p.m.

Public land should not be used for private benefit.

If this project is approved, it will significantly and negatively impact this jewel of a state park with:

  • Increased truck traffic and trash to a park that is currently carry-out trash
  • Noise and light pollution affecting wildlife and dark sky, nocturnal species
  • Destruction of trees along the dunes – a very sensitive birding area
  • Change in the population of people utilizing our beaches, trails, etc.; like the wildlife and birds, the people who have supported this park for years and treasure the natural beauty will be reduced.

It is our understanding that if this proposal is approved, it will irrevocably change Cape Henlopen State Park. The result will be a diminishing of the attraction of living in Lewes to out-of-state residents – it will become another Rehoboth Beach or New Jersey shore destination. We don’t need another restaurant … there are many wonderful choices in Lewes already that will likely lose business, especially from vacationers.

We do not know who is supporting this proposal, but we hope the people we have elected to represent the interests of our community will stop it. It is my understanding that it conflicts with mission of the Delaware State Parks and violates Warner Land Trust Grant.

Adele Bozza


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