Peaceful march along Lewes Beach takes stand for women’s rights

Hundreds gather in local sister march
January 22, 2017

What started as a peaceful women’s rights walk among a few friends quickly turned in to a gathering of more than 250 people along Lewes Beach Jan. 21.

Nancy Powell said initially 12-15 friends had planned to walk in Cape Henlopen State Park the same day the national Women’s March on Washington took to the streets. But those friends told others, who shared the idea for a local march with more friends and neighbors, until the gathering grew to dozens of Cape Region residents and families interested in peacefully protesting.

“I think it was important to show some solidarity with the people in Washington,” Powell said as she stood along the shoreline of the Delaware Bay. 

For Rehoboth Beach resident Sandy Oropel, the march was a chance to stand her ground.

“We couldn’t go to the march in D.C. and it was important to me to stand in solidarity with women around the world on issues that are important to women and the men who support us,” she said.

When asked her biggest concerns regarding the new administration, she said, “Where do I begin?”

Powell said she hoped the march allowed time for people to think about their concerns, and speak about those issues with others.

“It’s nice to see everybody having a good time and talking,” she said. “It really is a chance to walk this beautiful beach and think about what we might do to ensure America stays strong.”