President Biden’s historic visit to Rehoboth

June 11, 2021

It’s no surprise that Joe Biden could and would be the first sitting president of the United States to visit Rehoboth Beach. But his recent visit, on the occasion of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s birthday, is no less historically significant.

No greater spotlight could be shined on the resort. The city’s slogan, The Nation’s Summer Capital, has never been more true. And the fact that the Bidens’ visit as president and first lady proceeded smoothly from a logistical point of view, despite the many associated security and other challenges, puts an extra polish on the event. For that, Rehoboth Beach Police Department, Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company, Delaware State Police, the Secret Service and other agencies involved can rightly take credit for working in a coordinated and professional fashion to guarantee safety and mitigate disruption.

The Bidens obviously feel comfortable in Rehoboth Beach, as they should. Feeling comfortable, secure and welcome is a vibe essential for any successful resort. If the president of the United States and the first lady can feel comfortable here, who can’t? It’s a quality Rehoboth Beach has successfully cultivated for more than a century.

It’s also notable that President Biden utilized the Rehoboth Beach municipal building while in town, to hold a press conference focusing on the federal May jobs report. That report showed a sharp uptick in new hires over previous months, and reflects an economy surging as vaccinations against the coronavirus continue to add up and the pandemic’s grip on this country eases.

The still-new municipal building with its protected carport entrance through the police department and array of advanced technological capabilities served security and communications needs well.

The Biden Bump, as the spike in the local economy when Biden comes to town is known among locals, is the real deal. It’s star power. It adds excitement to the Boardwalk, the beaches, the trails and the streets where the president may be sighted.

This is a historic time for Delaware’s Cape Region. We should relish and cultivate it, so the positive impact for our vital tourist economy can be enjoyed long into the future.  



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