Re-election of Morgan important for Lewes

April 30, 2021

Rob Morgan has been our voice on Lewes City Council. With mounting pressures to develop in a climate of environmental change, we need to re-elect Rob Morgan to vote our best interests and those of our coastal city.

Rob is an effective advocate for our core value of protecting Lewes from overdevelopment. This is well documented by his voting record with the Lingo-Townsend shopping center, the Fourth Street Forest, “the Brittingham parcel,” “the Groome Church parcel,” and the Jones Farm.

Rob remains focused on environmental issues that are so critical to our well-being as a coastal community, such as sea-level rise, near-term flooding, and saltwater intrusion into our drinking water.  He also is deeply concerned about more easily controlled quality-of-life issues such as neighbor noise control.

I have worked with Rob in committees and organizations that support these interests of the City of Lewes and have seen firsthand the depth and breadth of his knowledge and commitment to everything he undertakes.  He seeks the input and involvement of all. A reluctant joiner, my participation bears witness to Rob’s efforts to bring voices to our community concerns.

He is devoted to community-wide communication as demonstrated by his Lewes News email newsletters which he gladly distributes to anyone who would like to subscribe. These newsletters serve as a running, comprehensive summary of the status of issues in the city and county, as its activities affect us, and are a superb way to keep all informed.

Rob is a fiscal conservative watching the budget, asking questions that some may prefer go unasked, and retaining a watchful eye toward new spending.  This approach works effectively for taxpayers of the City of Lewes, providing for an accountability in government and promoting an atmosphere of openness in the area of City of Lewes finances.

We need to return Rob Morgan to city council to help resolve the costly litigation between the BPW and the city.  Rob not only has a legal background in negotiating agreements, but he also has years of inside understanding of all aspects of the issues. Returning Rob to council would open an opportunity for him to sit at that table and bring his skills to bear on behalf of us all.

A vote to re-elect Rob Morgan is an important act to be taken for our individual best interests and those of the City of Lewes.

Norma Morrison
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