Reading Cape Gazette at Haleakala, 10,023 feet high, at sunrise

February 29, 2020

In December, Tina Tessein traveled to Hawaii for her first time with her sister, Carrie Heldmann, daughters of Liv H. Whaples of Rehoboth.

The girls traveled to Hawaii for Carrie’s daughter’s graduation; she received her Masters in Marine Science from Hawaii Pacific University.

While in Hawaii they enjoyed the wondrous sunrise at Haleakala, visited the Polynesian Center and watched the surfers catch some giant waves at Jaws.

Tina wrote to us on her return. “Sunrise at Haleakala, known as House of the Sun, was magnificent. I read the Cape Gazette every time I visit my mom & have always wanted to submit a photo for the Travelers Series. This trip of a lifetime was the perfect opportunity for me to do so.”

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