Rehoboth Elementary reporters to publish school newspaper

RES Chronicle profiles student poems, book reviews, events
February 12, 2020

Rehoboth Elementary reporters are hard at work meeting the spring deadline for student newspaper RES Chronicle.

Student editors Hudson Brockstedt, Courtney Kosc and Maireau Rishko say a love of writing led them to work on the paper, launched by Hudson’s sister Sawyer two years ago. Hudson said she aspires to be a lawyer like her father, so being a good writer is important.

“Last year, it was my least favorite subject, and I didn’t do well on the state test,” Hudson said. “This year, I bumped it up a lot and did everything I could do to get better, and now it’s my favorite subject.”

Courtney said writing is her favorite activity; she even started writing a book, yet to be completed.

“I like free writes and quick writes when you just write down what you feel about a topic and share with the class,” Courtney said. 

Last year, before the old Rehoboth High School was demolished, Maireau said she interviewed Rehoboth High School alumni, including Principal Amanda Archambault’s mother. The new Rehoboth Elementary opened in September, so Maireau said she polled student opinion about the new school for a story this year.

“I like to write in different styles - informational, persuasive, personal, fictional,” Maireau said. “I like writing fiction because it can be as long as you want.”

Editors created and circulated a flyer requesting student submissions such as book reviews, essays, poems and comics. Hudson said editors will spend a weekend typing submissions at her house; her mother Kelly Brockstedt submits the work to online service, which prints and delivers the finished paper.

“They send us about 100 and we give one to all the teachers and everyone who submitted an article,” Hudson said. “The pictures are in color, too.”