Residents use jump ropes for another reason

Social distancing is the new buzz phrase during COVID-19 pandemic
March 25, 2020

Some Rehoboth Beach residents want to demonstrate to city officials they can walk on the Boardwalk by practicing social distancing. The beach and Boardwalk were closed to the public on March 21. Using colorful, 7-foot jump ropes to keep a safe distance as they walk on Rehoboth Avenue are (l-r) James Slusher, Thom Morris and Debbie Lile. Slusher said he got the idea watching school children walking around New York City using ropes to stay in contact with their teacher and one another. “We want to show how to monitor social distancing in a fun, yet effective way,” Slusher said. “Maybe the mayor will allow us back on the Boardwalk if we show we can keep our distance.” 



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