Salvation Army Creative heARTs open house set at Pat’s Pizza Nov. 15

November 11, 2017

The Salvation Army Developmental Disabilities Program announced the Fourth Annual Art Open House will be held from 4 to 8 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 15, at Pat's Pizza in Lewes. The exhibit will feature artwork from the artists of The Salvation Army Creative heARTs program. Pat's Pizza is at 17644 Coastal Highway, Lewes.

The Salvation Army Creative heARTS started in 2007 and strives to give artists with developmental and cognitive disabilities the opportunity to hone their artistic and creative skills, and help them find opportunities to show the community their artwork. There currently are about 15 active artists in the program. They work in watercolor, acrylic, and pen and ink.

"Watching these artists sell a piece of artwork is priceless. It is important that others can see this and support their creativity and growth," said Alex Kotanides, owner of Pat's Pizza, "Our goal every year is to sell out!" The exhibit is an opportunity for the artists to show off their talents to the local community, and many of the artists will be there to talk about the artwork.

The Creative heARTS artists have been displaying their artwork at Pat's Pizza for more than five years. Artwork is for sale year-round at the restaurant. In the past year, the artists have sold 57 pieces of art at Pat’s Pizza.

During the exhibit, Pat's Pizza is running a special that anyone who purchases a piece of artwork will get a free medium pizza. Last year, 27 pizzas were given out.

"I am proud and excited when people come see my artwork," said Kim Smith, Creative heARTs artist. Smith is often moved to tears when she sells a piece of art. When asked how art makes her feel, Samantha Roach, another Creative heARTs artist, said "Good." Although she is of few words, Roach works on her art in one way or another almost every day and shows her love of life through her paintings. Her favorite things to paint are flowers. When she sells a painting or talks about her art, her smile is contagious.

"The artists are very excited to be able to come to Pat's Pizza again to show off their artwork. We hope people will come out and support the arts and the artists. Not only will they get a free pizza if they buy a painting, they will give an artist the confidence to paint another painting and some spending money in their pocket. Although we don't want to admit it, Christmas is coming and this is a great way to start shopping and give back at the same time," said Christy Cugno, director of Creative heARTs program. "We will have over 50 cards on display as well. Both all-occasion and Christmas cards will be on sale."

The artists of the Creative heARTs program create notecards from their original artwork. When they sell the original painting, the artist receives the money. When they are made into cards and sold, the money goes into buying supplies for the program.

For more information on The Salvation Army, DDP or Creative heARTs program or to purchase cards, call Christy Cugno at 302-934-3730, Ext .111, or email For more information on Pat's Pizza, call 302-644-9070 or go to