Sen. Tom Carper is a class act

December 12, 2023

I heard from my friend Jerry in North Carolina last night. He told me about a phone call he just received from Delaware’s senior U.S. Sen. Tom Carper. 

Our senator called former carrier pilot Jerry out of the blue. Jerry is a retired Navy aviator who flew for the senator back in the day. Jerry is my former college football teammate, lifetime friend and fraternity brother before his Navy career started.

I just wanted to share his special moment with the many Sussex County vets who understand military family support. Jerry, his wife Emily and family were thrilled beyond all with the senator reaching out after all these years! Jerry said, in his call to me, the senator centered on two of Jerry's sons who are, themselves, current Navy aviators. The senator's timing meant a lot to all the extended families who are proud third generation Navy all the way.  

Emily and Jerry, understandably, are very nervous parents with their sons’ coming deployment to the carrier battle groups now in the eastern Mediterranean.  

The senator's kind gesture invoked memories of my father's thoughtfulness in times like this. My dad always used to say, "Watch and learn. It's the little things in life that leaders do that can make a difference." You can bet this random act of kindness will make a difference for Jerry's family.

I could hear in Jerry's voice that this moment did a great deal to support his and his wife’s pride and confidence before their sons go into harm’s way. Sen. Carper, you really made a difference!

Bravo, senator, you are, and always have been, a class act! Well done, sir. 

Jack Bucchioni
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