Share laughs with Delaware Comedy Theatre

New year show Jan. 10 at Milton Theatre
November 27, 2019

There’s nothing like a good belly laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, right? Laughter and good times are exactly what Delaware Comedy Theatre strives to deliver at the group’s improv performances.

Husband-and-wife team David and Amy Warwick founded Delaware Comedy Theatre. The goal of improvised comedy is to be unscripted, while keeping the audience involved as much as possible. 

“We always want the audience as engaged as possible, like a sporting event where they’re so involved that they’ll call stuff out, root for us or boo us,” said David. 

Although the theatre has a strong following among tourists in the summer, the local audience is the group’s backbone. “If they see us once people usually want to come back because every show is different,” said David. “You could very well, in four shows, see a completely different cast with different games.”  

Performances are conducted similar to the game “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Shows leave plenty of room for fresh and exciting material, as each performance features eight to 10 performers on stage. 

The nonprofit organization premiered in 2005 at the Rusty Rudder and has been putting smiles on faces ever since. The theatre has anywhere from 13 to 18 members, ranging from ages 19 to 65. “I think people in the community enjoy having the option of something like this to do,” said David. “It’s not stand-up. It’s not a play. It’s not a concert. It is its own category for people who want to laugh and interact with their entertainment.” 

Sketches are unscripted and performers must come up with a witty performance on the spot, guided by minimal audience suggestions. For those who share a passion for acting and improv, the Warwicks offer Delaware Comedy Theatre workshops to help actors hone their craft through a series of classic games. On Jan. 10, the group will stage a show poking fun at the new year. David said they hope to continue to bring laughter to the Cape Region. 

“I hope more people come to see us and we can attract some more regulars to see our different cast members perform. It’s always a lot of fun and they might like it.” For more information, check out Delaware Comedy Theatre at

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