Spanish-language resources help support distance learning

Aprende Mas allows parents to support children in their studies
January 28, 2021

DelawareCAN: The Delaware Campaign for Achievement Now has released a new tool to help Spanish-speaking families navigate distance learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the lives of all Delawareans and changed the ways teachers and students engage with each other. As a result, many schools have moved to online or hybrid learning models.

Aprende Mas, meaning “learn more,” is an initiative started with the support of Barclay Bank and help from the Delaware Department of Education.

“DelawareCAN understands the needs of parents at this crucial time, and we don't hesitate to find innovative ways to support these needs. Aprende Mas is a space for Spanish-speaking parents with children learning at home where they can feel understood, find clear information, and ask questions without feeling uncomfortable. Parents can learn how to advocate for their children and have a space to grow along with their students,” said Erika Gutierrez, DelawareCAN outreach and partnerships coordinator.

The Aprende Mas website at will allow parents and caregivers to actively participate and ensure their child is receiving a quality education while out of in-person classes.

Research suggests that Hispanic children are falling six to 12 months behind because of the pandemic. This means these learners will need more intensive intervention. Aprende Mas will include online academic resources, family support materials, and the latest information on COVID-19 and State of Delaware education restrictions.

“During this challenging time of distance learning, it is important to support our families who have become even more essential to our students' success. Aprende Mas will help our Spanish-speaking families and students overcome barriers that distance learning creates,” said Chantalle Ashford, DelawareCAN advisory board member and Indian River district educator.

Website users will be able to search for grade-appropriate resources in subjects ranging from social sciences and arts to mathematics and science.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging experience for all families. For our families who speak a language other than English, navigating the educational processes can be an even greater challenge. The Spanish-language resources and tools provided on the Aprende Mas website can help our students and families access additional support and information regarding community resources in one place. Working in collaboration with DelawareCAN and our community organizations is essential as we strive to ensure that all families have equitable access to educational resources,” said Maria Paxson of the Delaware Department of Education.



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