Stan Mills is a diligent public steward

July 31, 2020

The annual election in Rehoboth Beach this year is more important than ever. I was vice president of the Rehoboth Beach Homeowners’ Association from 2015-19. During my time on the RBHA board, I had several opportunities to work with Stan Mills and other commissioners. 

I enthusiastically support Stan Mills for mayor. With Stan at the helm, I know city business will not be done in the shadows but will be fully transparent, and that public input will be encouraged, not ignored.  

Stan Mills is a proven leader who brings people together to find common ground and work for the greater good of the city. He served 12 years as commissioner, four of them as vice president of the commission. Stan’s history as a commissioner of Rehoboth Beach speaks volumes about his knowledge of and value to the city.  When I walk anywhere in Rehoboth, I can’t miss the work of Stan Mills - from total reconstruction of the Boardwalk, recycling programs, and ADA accessibility to stormwater management and other capital improvements.

At the recent RBHA candidate forum, Mayor Paul Kuhns listed accomplishments during his three-year term that sounded familiar to me. He is most proud of developing a five-year Capital Improvement Plan. However, he failed to mention that it was Stan Mills who was first to bring the concept to the table. Mayor Kuhns also failed to mention that Stan was also the first to secure specialty beach access mats, first to lend support to having our own recycle center, and first to advocate for and secure a video system in the commissioners’ room.   

Last year, citizens overwhelmingly rejected giving up control over one of our most important assets. We cannot give up control over what is pumped into our ocean! Nor should we be giving up a significant untapped revenue source, particularly in the face of economic challenges. But Mayor Kuhns wants to bring that plan back.

Stan has a five-point plan for the future of Rehoboth. He will move swiftly to build consensus among the commissioners and the citizens to implement his five-point plan: 1) Enhance quality of life, in part by revising the code to provide flexibility to homeowners renovating and preserving neighborhoods. 2) Revitalize our small business community - retaining our local flavor and supporting small businesses in part through the enhancement of Baltimore and Wilmington avenues. 3) Provide visitors with a positive memorable experience. Remember the beach and Boardwalk are our most important assets; we must always maintain them. 4) Reprioritize our budget to balance economic development with infrastructure maintenance. 5) Finally, he will restore faith and public participation in our government. 

I have observed Stan Mills for the most part of his 12 years in office. He is a diligent public steward who has consistently shown a commitment to the city and its best interests. I trust Stan to be transparent on principle; he has a balanced perspective and truly values the input of his constituents. This is the type of  experience I want in my mayor. Vote Stan Mills Aug. 8 for mayor of Rehoboth Beach.

Jon Worthington
Rehoboth Beach
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