Three Lewes bodies work together on proposed mural project

Art work would beautify pump station near bike corral
August 16, 2023

Big changes could be coming to a small building in downtown Lewes if a proposed mural project gets off the ground.

The Lewes Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Public Art Committee and Board of Public Works are working together on an effort to paint a mural on the BPW’s pump station. It’s located next to the bike corral at Savannah Road and Gills Neck Road at the base of the drawbridge.

The idea is still in its very early stages, but it got some traction during three meetings held the week of July 24.

The bike-ped committee kicked it off with a discussion of the mural idea at its July 25 meeting. The committee’s idea is to beautify the area for cyclists who use the bike corral. “It could be a more inviting area,” said committee member Glenn Dunnington. Painting the 200-square-foot brick wall would be the centerpiece of the project that could also include benches, a picnic table and a garden.

Bike-ped committee member Sumner Crosby pitched the idea during BPW’s July 26 board meeting. He asked for and received BPW’s approval to move ahead. “I live right next to this, and I think what you guys want to do would be great,” said BPW board member Earl Webb. 

As Crosby was addressing the BPW at city hall, Heidi Lowe was chairing a public art committee meeting at the Rollins Center. She threw PAC’s support behind the project. “We’re trying to find a way to have a really fun, bike-influenced mural,” said Lowe. She said PAC will work with bike-ped members on the artist part of the design.

She said both committees looked into the cost of hiring a professional artist, but agreed that is out of budget.

Lowe and bike-ped committee Chair Robert Fischer proposed letting high school students paint the mural, and Fischer’s committee members will explore grant opportunities for funding the project.



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