Tillerson can’t be trusted as secretary of state

January 16, 2017

Rex Tillerson, a man with no diplomatic experience, is President-elect Trump's choice for secretary of state. How can a man who spent 41 years in the oil business and oversaw the funding and dispersal of fake science on carbon's impact on climate be trusted to act in the best interest of our country and planet?

Reports have confirmed that Exxon executives knew that carbon emissions were fueling global warming in the 1970s. Yet they continued to publish misinformation, while using calculations of dwindling sea ice to work with Russia on future projects in the Arctic.

Although Tillerson acknowledged the science of climate change in 2007, he has persisted in funding the American Legislative Exchange Council, who perpetuate lies about carbon-induced climate change. Exxon has written off $1.7 million in charitable contributions to ALEC.

Exxon continues to block the efforts of several state investigations to determine if Exxon committed fraud by misrepresenting its knowledge of climate change. In a recent lawsuit filed in Massachusetts, Exxon claimed its right to free speech was violated. Do they believe the First Amendment gives a company the right to commit fraud?

As CEO of a multinational oil company, Tillerson has participated in a long and systemic campaign to lie about climate change, as well as use the courts to block us from learning the truth. For decades he put personal and corporate interests above the welfare of our planet.

I ask senators Carper and Coons to vote against this nominee. Rex Tillerson cannot be trusted to fulfill the duties of secretary of state.

Kit Zak

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