Upscale to the east, casual to the west

June 22, 2017

One of the old reliables that rarely disappoints is 1776 Steakhouse, nestled between Rehoboth and Lewes in Midway Center. 1776 is an oasis of discreet elegance in the midst of the beachy chaos that clamors just outside its doors.

Happy hour at the bar is one of the best-kept secrets on Coastal Highway. Longtime barkeep and co-owner Johnny Farquhar is a man of few words, but his wry smile and well-timed observations keep his regulars coming back for more. Johnny is particularly proud of his lineup of unusual beers, including five abbey-brewed offerings from Trappist monks. Johnny even managed to acquire the elusive Rochefort #8, created in 1595.

You can't have a steakhouse without steaks, and co-owner/Executive Chef Tammy Mozingo steps up to the plate with 11 entrees built around premium, dry-aged beef. Regulars at 1776 Steakhouse (and there are a lot of them!) never miss the signature black ravioli appetizer or the crème brûlée cheesecake. The menu also offers lamb, pork and pasta dishes. The Rehoboth Foodie's pick-hit dinner menu: (1) Split the black ravioli (or the baked brie!) with a lucky companion. (2) Enjoy the mixed greens salads covered in gorgonzola. (3) Order two (count 'em, two) USDA Prime porterhouse steaks – the best of both worlds with the New York strip and the filet on one delightfully T-shaped bone. (4) Split one of the steaks and drop the other one off at my house.

Co-owner Tom Holmes is no stranger to the hospitality industry. In fact, in 2013 he fulfilled a longtime dream when he partnered with 1776 chef Tammy Mozingo to open The Pint Pub in the old Delaware Trust building in Millsboro.

Tom loves the white tablecloths, the heavy flatware and understated sophistication of 1776, but he knew that his casual English/Irish/Scottish-flavored concept would be a success. And indeed it is!

Don’t miss the scotch eggs, the amazing burger, the Dublin cakes and the boxtys (three kinds!) at the corner of W. State and Main sts.

Don’t know what a boxty is? Take a 15-minute ride on Rt. 24 west to Millsboro and find out. I know you’ll like it.

1776 Steakhouse in Rehoboth. The Pint Pub in Millsboro. Both reliable and the best of both worlds.

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