USPS needs to hire more personnel

March 4, 2021

It is my humble opinion that there are no acceptable excuses for the United States Postal Service performing so poorly today.  Delaware specifically has been partially shut down for a year.  It is common knowledge that the number of packages shipped increased exponentially from day one. 

The postal service claims it handled the election fiasco adequately and fairly; yet, at the end of February, we are still receiving Christmas cards.  When it came to the holidays, there were no valid excuses there either.  Anyone with any common sense could see that holiday shipping would also increase again exponentially from previous years.  Why wasn’t there a massive hiring campaign?  Why isn’t there a massive hiring campaign now?  Move those packages! 

The USPS wants to cry foul over capacity.  If the packages were actually moving from the facilities to the destinations, capacity would not be an issue.  Space emptied is space gained for the next package.  Now the USPS is using COVID as an excuse not to provide the services paid for by their customers and are refusing refunds.  Priority shipping costs more and is supposed to be there in two to three business days.  Fail.  This has been going on for a year.  This problem should have been solved 11 months ago.  People say they need jobs.  Hire. Hire. Hire.  If the unions give the USPS trouble, tell them to provide the labor.  No excuses accepted.  They need to do the job consumers pay for.  Period.

Tired of invalid excuses,

Wendy Davis
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