Vivid Creative Studio brings cutting-edge design to Rehoboth

March 29, 2023

Now open in Rehoboth Beach, up-and-coming design agency Vivid Creative Studio stands ready to help people take their business and personal brands to the next level.

Vivid is founded on the principle that good design speaks louder than words. The studio is committed to empowering clients with innovative, captivating designs that effectively help them stand out and communicate with their target audience.

Vivid is a collective of three experienced creators specializing in static and dynamic design that compels audiences to take action. With experience from presidential campaigns to movie sets, they are a team of roll-up-your-sleeves, open-your-mind doers. Three experts in their fields, Vivid co-founders bring light to ideas and illustrate stories to cut through the noise of the attention economy. It's a Vivid advantage.

Co-founder and multidisciplinary designer Ryan Eaton brings years of experience in the design industry to the table. Ryan has worked in both corporate and freelance sectors, with clients ranging from start-ups to large corporations. He previously worked as an associate designer on the 2020 Biden presidential campaign and as a senior designer for a Manhattan-based consulting firm. Experienced in logo design, social media content, typography design, website development and more, Ryan is a well-rounded designer with exceptional attention to detail, adaptability and problem-solving abilities.

Alex De Falcis, co-founder and dynamic media specialist, develops animated and video content that brings brands and their stories to life. As the lead for Vivid’s dynamic projects, he works to push the boundaries of imagination by creating moving visuals that move audiences. De Falcis comes from a background with numerous roles in video production, from filming on the set of a feature film to post-production and animation at a Manhattan-based firm. His multifaceted expertise allows him to take big-picture ideas and work with them through every stage of development to their final polished form.

The third co-founder, Kyle Eaton, works as a UI/UX designer with his hands in every project. His goal is to design everything with the user in mind to ensure a good experience and make sure the design message is conveyed accurately. Kyle brings a lot of unique experience, having worked as a designer at a creative agency in Indianapolis and also as an associate designer on the Biden campaign with Ryan. Having a wide breadth of skills and experience, Kyle is well-suited to design high-fidelity interfaces that fit the mental models, while still pushing the status quo when applicable.

"Rehoboth Beach is such a cool and welcoming community, we’re excited to be opening up shop here," said Kyle. "As a new business in this community, our goal is to help other businesses and brands tell their story with our one-of-a-kind creativity to contribute to the overall growth and prosperity of the area."

Vivid Creative Studio offers a full range of design services including logo design, branding, social media content, custom 3D animations, motion graphics, video production, website design and development, and more. The studio's team is dedicated to understanding clients' visions and bringing them to life.

Vivid Creative Studio is a fully remote studio, meaning its team members conduct all business online and work from home. The Rehoboth Beach location makes it an ideal destination for clients who want to escape the hustle and bustle of big-city agencies and enjoy a more personal and relaxed way of doing things. The studio is just a few blocks from the beach, providing members with easy access to fresh air, sunshine and the natural beauty of the Delaware coast.

"We chose Rehoboth Beach because of its unique combination of natural beauty and creative energy," said Ryan. "We wanted a place where we can relax and have a high quality of life that cannot be found in the chaos of a big city.”

De Falcis said, “This is a place where we find great inspiration to create meaningful work that really resonates with people.”

The studio is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, and by appointment on weekends. The team is currently accepting new clients and is excited to work with businesses and organizations of all sizes at Rehoboth Beach and surrounding areas.

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