Vote out backstabbing Rehoboth commissioners

September 21, 2017

Last Friday night's disgraceful performance by Rehoboth Beach Commissioners Patrick Gossett, Stan Mills and Toni Sharp is a perfect example of why Rehoboth citizens by large majorities voted for change in August.

After giving incoming Mayor Kuhns private assurances that they would support former Commissioner Pat Coluzzi to fill the remaining year of Kuhn's commission term, these three backstabbed the mayor and their former colleague by voting three times to deny Coluzzi's appointment without once questioning her qualifications to serve.

Mayor Kuhns showed grace and calm dealing with these bitter commissioners by reappointing Mills as vice mayor, re-nominating former Mayor Cooper appointees to the planning commission and board of adjustment, and nominating Susan Gay, the losing candidate for commissioner who was supported by the former mayor and all three of these disruptive commissioners, to the planning commission. It should be noted that former Mayor Cooper never appointed individuals to city boards or commissions who did not support him in his elections and none of these commissioners had a problem with that.

I, like most Rehoboth citizens, hoped that the August election would lead to a more reasonable, transparent and civil city government. Mayor Kuhns is no revolutionary. He has not proposed nor does he support radical changes to the city's codes and regulations. He did not attempt to replace city workers in charge of enforcing and interpreting our rules and regulations. Instead, he wants only to adopt procedures that will ensure that all Rehoboth citizens have sufficient information and the opportunity to have their voices heard when major issues are considered.

It is now clear that one election will not bring the change we need. Commissioners Gossett, Mills and Sharp did not listen to the voters who they took an oath to serve. They have shown their true colors and they deserve to be replaced by commissioners who consider all sides of issues and listen to all the citizens of Rehoboth.

If we cannot have a referendum to vote in another commissioner to avoid deadlock, we can start next year by voting Gossett out.

Mary Ann Bruno
Rehoboth Beach


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