Worcester Prep bestows falls sports awards

November 15, 2023

Worcester Prep extends congratulations to its fall sports award recipients. 

Middle school boys’ soccer honorees are Johnny Crossett, MVP; Remy Leverage-Frye, Coaches Award; and Wesley Wisniewski, Most Improved Player.

Middle school girls’ soccer award recipients are Scarlett Shimko, MVP; Elena Gjoni, Coaches Award; and Ella Conev, Most Improved Player.

Middle school volleyball honorees are Madison Andrews, MVP; Isabella Forman, Coaches Award; and Havi Russell-Wood, Most Improved Player.

Middle school golf awardees are Chase Thompson, MVP; Nonda Gjikuria, Coaches Award; and Keerat Brar, Most Improved Player.

Varsity boy’s soccer honorees are Dylan McGovern, MVP, ESIAC All-Conference, ESIAC Player of the Year; Cole Campbell, Coaches Award, ESIAC All-Conference; Max Carpenter, Most Improved Player, ESIAC Honorable Mention; and Ben McGovern, Hunter Simons and Connor Ferguson, ESIAC All-Conference.

Varsity girls’ soccer award recipients are Claire Windrow, MVP, ESIAC All-Conference; Abby Ament, Coaches Award, ESIAC All-Conference; Emma Nordstrom, Most Improved Player; and Danielle Carr, ESIAC Honorable Mention.

Varsity golf honorees are Mike DePalma, Most Valuable Player, ESIAC All-Conference, ESIAC Player of the Year; Aleksey Klimins, Coaches Award, ESIAC All-Conference; Owen West, Most Improved Player, ESIAC All-Conference; and Vanesska Hall, Karrigan Russell-Wood, and Kain Crossett, ESIAC All-Conference.

Junior varsity golf award recipients are Isha Garg, MVP; Will Wells, Coaches Award; and Briar Parsons, Most Improved Player.

Varsity volleyball honorees are Natasha Richter, MVP, ESIAC All-Conference; Esi Mehilli, Coaches Award, ESIAC Honorable Mention; Haven Harrison, Most Improved Player; and Sara Freih, ESIAC All Conference.

Boys’ cross country award recipients are Jake Timmons, MVP,  ESIAC Honorable Mention; Jackson Fernley, Coaches Award; and Paxton Mault, Most Improved Player, ESIAC All-Conference. 

Girls’ cross country honorees are Ayla Yonker, MVP,  ESIAC All-Conference; Catherine Cullen, Coaches Award; Angie Todorov, Most Improved Player; and Anisha Batra, ESIAC Honorable Mention.


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