HUDSON RIVER SOJOURN - Interesting sights along the river

August 12, 2019

CATSKILL, HEADING NORTH - It’s a big river folks and we’re still heading north.  The high hills of the eastern bank to our right.  The same to our left except for the even higher Catskills to the west.  We spent the night at anchor just below a bridge in Catskill Creek.  Quiet and protected.  We paddle boarded on the creek this morning, calm. Waited for the tide to turn before catching the current up tp Albany.  

Article de jour.  Journalist.  Jour is French for day.  The sun gives us a nice way to mark the passage of time and divide experiences into manageable and discreet packages.That’s what I’m doing.  Here are a bunch of photographs that didn’t fit into one particular theme, but I still found the images interesting.  Maybe you will too.

Thanks for reading. 

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