Long live the King!

May 5, 2023

What does one give a king for his coronation? Flowers? A bejeweled weapon? How about a book? It’s been said “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Maybe my new book would be the perfect gift. We know Charles leans toward vegetarianism. We know he is beginning to connect the consumption of animal products with chronic disease and climate disruption. We know there is a healthcare crisis in the UK. We all know from the IPCC of the UN that dietary change from animal-based to plant-based eating would alleviate both crises.

Let’s do it. Let’s gift this book about one woman’s awakening to the healing power of food. Let’s wrap it in the finest gold foil and send it to King Charles. Maybe, just maybe, he will open it at his royal breakfast of cheese and egg-laden coronation quiche. Sickened by this high fat, animal-burdened concoction, maybe he will muster the wisdom and courage vested in him to Go Veg With Class and announce it to the world. Long live the King!

  • Dorothy Greet invites you on a journey to amazing good health and vitality through Plant-Based Eating.

    A heart attack turned her life upside down at age 70.

    Now, with a Cornell Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, this retired clergywoman teaches free classes to community groups upon request.

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