December 7, 2017

From a real son of the soil comes the unvarnished truth about the meat and dairy industry in a pair of riveting books.

In MAD COWBOY (1998) Howard Lyman saddles up and takes readers on a ride of a lifetime from his cattle ranch in Montana to the Amarillo, Texas courthouse with Oprah Winfrey, from near paralysis in a hospital bed to Capital Hill, from carnivorous cowboy to Vegan in the vanguard.

In gratitude for restored health, Lyman vows to tell the world about the deadly impact of the livestock industry as he has experienced it. He blasts through the propaganda of beef and dairy interests—and the government agencies that protect them—to expose an animal-based diet as the primary cause of cancer, heart disease, and obesity in this country.

NO MORE BULL, written 7 years later in 2005, updates readers on the egregious, self-serving and dangerous practices of the meat, dairy and poultry industries, as relevant today as when he first exposed them. To counter the bad news about animal agriculture, Lyman shows what and how he eats to maintain his robust health with over 100 plant-based recipes from world-class chefs as well as quick and easy meals from and for busy families. 

Lyman’s dedication at the beginning of NO MORE BULL speaks volumes: 

“Dedicated to The millions of Americans suffering from maladies caused by the animal-based diet. May this book help you regain your health.”

Listen to Lyman on YouTube in 2016—

Howard Lyman: Nature Does Not Negotiate


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