Shooting Stars Showcase August 8-9, 2020

August 11, 2020

Story Location:
Frederica, DE
United States

Recap from Shooting Stars Showcase at De Turf– August 8-9, 2020


Started slow and finished strong but did a great job of showcasing your skills over both days. Game #1 vs FSC was a 0-1 result with them scoring at 11:15 in the opening half Game #2 vs Oranje was a 1-2 result. They scored on a transition goal at 7:09 but Emma Westbrook countered with a tying goal at 1:53. They scored the winning goals at 14:09 of the second half. We had numerous chances to get back into a tie but were not able to get the goal in the cage. Game #3 was a 2-0 win over Marojoka with Emma Westbrook scoring at 15:49 in the first half and Madi Simpson getting a goal at 12:27 in the second half. Game #4 was a second half explosion, Madi Simpson started us off with her goals at 18:00 in the opening half. In the second half, Sommer Dorman added a goal at 15:45And Simpson got her second goal at 7:05. Lily Ashby finished out the scoring with a pair of goals at 4:00 and at :10. Game #5 was another slow start with Blue fusion taking an early lead before Dorman scored at 12:42 to even the score going into half time. Emma Sekscinski put us into the lead at 16:03, Ashby followed with her goal at 12:30 and Sekscinski finished the scoring with a goal at :50.

Overall record was 3-2 with 12 goals scored and 4 goals allowed. Our goalies, Allyson Calrk and Eve Sekscinski had a pair of shutouts and if my data is correct each allowed a pair of goals.

Usually at this time, I would be wishing you good luck in your fall season but this year that is moved to the spring and we will be doing a fall league based on our indoor travel team rosters starting on Sunday, September 13th on the turf at Cape Henlopen HS. Final rosters and game schedule will be available during the first week of September. Anticipated end to the fall league will be October 25th.

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