Thanksgiving Beauty

November 18, 2023

Let this beauty take centerstage on your Thanksgiving table. Don't worry. Purple cauliflower is not dyed. Its signature color comes from the same antioxidant found in red cabbage and red wine: anthocyanin.

I’m always looking for ways to “lean into plants” for Thanksgiving. My family loves to gather to celebrate this season of abundance like so many others. But we are focused on eating plant-based for health reasons—personal, animal and environmental health. We’ll be heeding the urgent global call of the UNIPCC to “retreat from meat” as we have done for over a decade now. Our table will be overflowing with favorite vegetables—toasted, roasted, steamed, grilled, skewered and even raw! We’ll have mashed potatoes and gravy, apple-walnut stuffing, peas and onions, divine roasted squash, candied sweet potatoes and cranberry relish. Then there are the pies—apple, pumpkin and pecan.

This year we’ll be adding this cauliflower beauty as the crowning glory. Here’s the recipe we’ll be using. You might want to try it, too, whatever the color of your cauliflower.

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