Hudson Road is a dangerous thruway

October 6, 2017

Mr. Buschi's viewpoint on Sept. 29 points out the dangers on Hudson Road. I agree with his comments.

His comments are very real and so true. I don't live on Hudson Road, but I live off Cave Neck Road and use Hudson Road to get onto Coastal Highway, and occasionally from Coastal Highway since it can save 1.5 miles each way. That might sound silly, but over time it adds up.

I personally don't use Hudson Road at night due to how dark it gets. I too have seen deer, other animals on the road at times, and fear for my own safety due to other drivers on this road. This road is curvy, some seem to like to increase their speeds as if they NASCAR cars drivers then cross over lanes, and it seems to have some blind-spot areas. There is one lane each way with some deep drainage ditches on each side that one might not see or realize!

Hearing about a planned development coming out on that road, well, doesn't take a engineer to realize the dangers in that! I would invite you to take a drive on Hudson Road if you don't believe Mr. Buschi's comments. Whether you live on that road or not, I would recommend taking it slow on Hudson Road.

Mary Beth Palkon-Krytzer


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