Diamonds might be forever, but steak tastes better

June 21, 2018

This week's ramblings were inspired by my recent six or so Sunday evenings hanging out on the stage at Conch Island Key West Bar & Grill. One of the reasons I was there was to let people know about owner Bryan Derrickson's unexpectedly good Sunday-night steaks. To be fair, everything gets me thinking about steaks, so it wasn't that big of an adjustment. Before I go any further, we need to clarify: If you're from Philly, you are probably picturing an elongated sandwich stuffed with thinly cut beef grilled with onions and topped with bright orange cheese from a bright orange spray can. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. But today I'm referring to actual steaks grilled over fire, or pan seared on cast iron and finished in a blazing hot oven.

You can't just hire a spatula-wielding kid off the street and tell everybody you're a steakhouse just because you have a sign out front. Cooking – and serving - the proper steak takes skill and experience. 1776 Steakhouse in Midway has been grillin' 'em up for over 26 years. I like it when they wheel out the raw steaks so you can choose your cut. It's like getting together with a tray full of old friends. Owners Tom, Johnny & Tammy are certainly on their game.

Chef Chip Miller does a nice job with nice cuts of beef down by the Boardwalk at Blackwall Hitch. BWH's Steak Frites are one of the most popular menu items: a grilled sirloin sporting a garlicy rub and drizzled with chimichurri. The "frites" part is icing on the proverbial cake: Hot fries bristling with cracked black pepper.

By the time you read this, Chef Danio Somoza will be just about ready to turn the key on his new Harvest Tide steak joint in Lewes. He's been honing his skills at 99 Sea Level on the boardwalk in Bethany Beach. He and his brother Enrique will hit the ground running there on Savannah Road.

Longtime Cape Region toque Ryan Cunningham is wowing the slot machine-inclined with his authentic Wagyu beef dishes at Harrington Casino. They are amazing, and never turn down any accompanying sauce when Ryan is in the kitchen!

I'm running out of real estate here on this page, but I would be remiss if I didn't give proper steak kudos to Chef Lion Gardner at Blue Moon, everybody's buddy Matt Kern at Heirloom in Lewes, Richard Davis' beefy dishes at Michy's and Sean Corea's clever takes on beef at Fork + Flask. There are more, so get out there and treat yourself to something expensive. Diamonds might be forever, but steak tastes better.

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