How Sweet it is in Downtown Rehoboth

August 23, 2018

It seems only fitting that the biggest sign in Rehoboth Beach towers over a candy store. In fact, the Dolle's logo on the Boardwalk is as much a symbol of Rehoboth as the WWII observation towers, the bandstand and hungry parking meters.

Ancient taffy-making machines at Dolle's still crank out the tubular treats that share the counter with caramel corn. Try a Rehoboth Foodie pick hit: Take a bite of a chocolate-flavored and an orange-flavored taffy at the same time. Trust me on this. Next door, Ibach's celebrates holidays with all sorts of handmade goodies. Speaking of caramel corn, whose is better: Dolle's or Fisher's? (By the way, both had their start in Ocean City.) Yes, I know which is better, but I also have to live here.

It's hard to forget Candy Kitchen, mainly because there's one pretty much everywhere you look. I can't pass up the colorful fruit slice jellies and the King Tut fudge. By the way, fudge freezes just fine. Ask me how I know.

Michigan-based franchisor Kilwins has been making people smile since 1947, and they have what I believe to be the best caramel in town. The dark chocolate pecan and cashew "Snappers" (can't call 'em Turtles because that's another company's copyright) are not to be missed. Or take home a marshmallow on a stick, cloaked in caramel and dredged in chopped pecans. And don't miss the toasted coconut or the salted caramel ice cream. Oops... and the peanut brittle. Almost 75% of everything they sell is made fresh in the store. Govern yourself accordingly.

Snyder's Candy sells those delightful multicolored licorice pastilles. Think of Good & Plentys, but way smaller so you can fit more into your mouth. They also specialize in a wide variety of imported licorice. Visits to the beach often bring back memories, and Snyder's owner Jeff Balk is happy to oblige with old favorites like Black Jack and Teaberry gum, Sky Bars, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Mary Janes and the like.

You're on vacation! Treat yourself to something sweet! Now go brush your teeth.

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