Letter: Vote to keep Dewey moving forward

September 14, 2018

The citizens of Dewey have gone through a much-needed year of healing after dealing with years of one toxic issue after another under the previous administration led by Diane Hanson. 

Now she leads the Dewey Citizens for Accountability who only seem interested in more accountability on the police LESO program even though the auditors found the program was compliant with federal and state regulations. This group wants to keep Dewey in turmoil, and has no real interest in what is best for our town. Does their zeal to pursue these targets have anything to do with the chief of police and lifeguard head signing the complaint against the former town manager last year, the one that led to his departure?

Why are they not asking for real accountability by addressing the many problems we had under her leadership? The previous town manager lived in New Orleans for months while taking a full salary from the citizens of Dewey Beach even with no vacation. How about taking the town car there against policy? Or the at-fault accident while there which the town had to pay for? Or the hiring of two assistant town managers to do the job when this was never needed before?

Or how about the audit firm year after year telling him to cease his above the line, below the line, non-GAAP fake accounting? Or maybe the way the Ruddertowne project was handled? 

Or accountability for all the money spent out of the restricted beach tax fund? Or excessive employee raises given to favored employees?

Or the secret gift card purchases for airfare and cruise line tickets for an employee leaving after 10 years when this had never been done in the history of the town?

This past year has been such a change over the previous administration.

We have a new administration, hired a professional town manager, and are implementing proper procedures to safeguard against problems in the future. 
It is time to promote Dewey in a positive way to encourage people to come to our wonderful little beach town which will only help all our citizens and businesses.

I am voting for William Stevens to aid in working with our mayor and council in finishing the cleanup and addressing some of the real needs in town such as flooding, and issues related to that instead of moving Dewey back into something that has already been resolved.

We need to move forward not backward as the above group advocates. Vote for truth and transparency by voting for Bill Stevens.

Dell Tush
former mayor, Dewey Beach

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