Rory Dilouie of Lewes participates in ‘Boundless’ musical journey

November 15, 2018

A cast of 30 Delawareans with disabilities and their supporters recently performed onstage at Dover High School in “Boundless,” a musical journey.

Rory Dilouie of Lewes was among the cast members.

“Boundless” combines the recollected stories of Delawareans with disabilities with the sometimes-difficult history of the nation’s struggle to ensure dignity and justice for all. Theater allows people to ponder and celebrate the intricacies of their shared humanity through campfire stories of hardship, resilience and celebration.

The performance was commissioned by the Governor’s Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens.

Everyone should know that people with disabilities can and should be supported by all and be part of the intricate fabric of communities. Many people without disabilities are discovering that everyone faces challenges in life – and that everyone has moments of brilliance. One of the lines in the show says, “If you’re fortunate to live a long life, you will experience disability ... up close and personal!”

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