Thoughts on Rehoboth’s past dirty politics

July 12, 2019

As we pass the 4th and the political signs start to appear on lawns, we also grit our teeth for an annual season of trolls and their political dirty tricks. Rehoboth Beach has a rich history.

There were in the past counterfeit postcards mailed from a local realtor’s office purporting to be from the mayor and commissioners; unattributed night letters attacking, among others, Bill Sargent, Patrick Gossett and Gary Glass; a bogus letter to the editor from Allentown, Pa. accusing former Mayor Sam Cooper of being unpatriotic, weird telephone calls, and that’s just the start of this tacky record.

I have some suggestions:

1. All six candidates for city commissioner in August should sign a joint letter pledging not to engage in dirty tricks, and to immediately report any violations to city, state and federal election authorities.

2. Mayor Kuhns should issue a declaration condemning in advance such illegal activity and saying any violations reported to him or City Soliciter Mandalas or Police Chief Banks be referred to city, state and federal election authorities.

3. Any person or persons found guilty of such transgressions should be subject to riding in a cage in the Sea Witch Parade to be pelted with spoiled fruit and vegetables by irate, law-abiding citizenry. The threat of a Game of Thrones-style humiliation, but effective?

Perhaps that will put a cap on Rehoboth Beach political dirty tricks. But, given past behavior, we doubt it.  

Stan Heuisler
Rehoboth Beach


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