Hip to hydrangeas at Mill Pond Garden

July 3, 2020

You know you have a good dad when he agrees to stop and smell the flowers with you on Father’s Day before doing what he really wants to do - eat calamari at Matt’s Fish Camp!

My family went to Mill Pond Garden for the Solstice Spectacle, and the hydrangeas were definitely the star of the show. The garden has a collection of most hydrangea types that can be grown locally. My favorite photo opp was the Endless Summer cultivar by the pond - that’s my parents in the first photo. The day we went, I posted a photo from the other direction of my dad and I to Ogre’s Grove’s Facebook page.

Endless Summer is a pretty perfect name - hydrangeas bloom longer than many other shrubs, from late spring through summer. Thus I look forward to seeing these beautiful blooms again Sunday, July 5, the next open garden day. However, now tree lilies will be at their peak! Go to for more information.

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