Wall Street mentality bad for Rehoboth

July 24, 2020

I imagine Paul Kuhns can’t help it, since he had a long career on Wall Street, but a roughshod, investor-driven, Wall Street mentality is unhealthy for Rehoboth.  It assumes that the ultimate bottom line is always making more money/more profit -  never mind any other values, such as quality of life and happiness (the secret sauces of Rehoboth’s longtime success).  It assumes large investors are the most important constituents and should be served first and foremost.

It assumes the board of commissioners should be run as a development board - never mind focusing on traditional municipal services.  In fact, give away our wastewater treatment plant, so large investors (such as the ones the mayor himself is invested in) can get dramatically lower rates at the expense of small users (the vast majority), who’ll pay dramatically more.

In fact, figure out various ways to shift costs from investors to lots of small users, like a reverse Robin Hood - such as giving seasonal investors a discount on water and sewer rates, and let residents, year-round businesses and our elementary school pick up the tab. 

In addition to the above, it is disconcerting to have an absentee mayor in a crisis. In fact, with a new home in Maine and his Rehoboth residence on the market, it seems  the current mayor has one foot out the door.  Many are wondering  if he’d even serve out another full term - and, if he were to resign, Rehoboth would be left with no experienced mayor.  Also, in this time of crisis, it seems very questionable judgment for him to endorse two newcomers for the open commissioner seats.  

At this difficult time, we need balanced, caring, experienced leadership, and fortunately, we have three excellent, proven leaders who have stepped up to serve the city. Stan Mills, with 12 years’ experience as a commissioner and involvement in almost all civic groups, would be the consummate hometown mayor, who would thoughtfully listen to all and work toward the best interests of all. True transparency, no conflicts of interest, no hidden agendas, diligent research, even-handedness, a full-time mayor.

With 10 years on the audit  and beach and Boardwalk committees, and a year as a commissioner, Jay Lagree knows the city budget and infrastructure inside and out.  We need him as a commissioner again, because he’ll know best what to prioritize and where to economize. 

Patrick Gossett, with nine prior years on the board of commissioners and nine as a planning commissioner, knows the ins and outs of the city’s goals, services, administration, staff, policies and procedures.  He has a wealth of institutional knowledge to thoughtfully guide the city through the pandemic. Additionally, with a longtime career in the hotel and hospitality industry, he easily relates to the issues of many local businesses.

We need a healthier, more comprehensive approach to governing - not investor-driven profits at any cost.  Please, for Rehoboth’s future, vote for Stan Mills, Jay Lagree and Patrick Gossett.

Donna Mabry
Rehoboth Beach

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