Active Adults Realty opens Lewes office

Baby boomers are target market
January 12, 2012

Active Adults Realty, a company focused on providing real estate services to baby boomers, has opened an office near Lewes. Realtors Kathy Sperl-Bell and Bill Bell own the company, which opened its doors Dec. 9.

The company’s team of specialists will assist clients by helping them make decisions and find housing to meet their needs.

“Ten thousand people per day are turning 65. Boomers are just beginning to retire, and coastal Delaware is the sweet spot in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic Region. It’s no longer just a vacation-home or second-home market for the affluent,” Sperl-Bell said. She said the company will serve all of Sussex County and some of Kent County, as more people discover the area offers more than just beaches.

Sperl-Bell emphasized the company wouldn’t try to meet everyone’s needs.

“In this market you can’t be a first-time homebuyer expert one day and a short-sale expert the next. You have to pick your market and then learn as much as possible about how to serve that market,” she said.

The company’s focus isn’t about a particular house or community, Sperl-Bell said. It’s about people.

“Our clients are interested in making decisions about how and where they want to live for the rest of their lives,” she said.

Sperl-Bell said the Cape Region has something for everyone, and the staff’s knowledge of the area will ensure a client’s decision to move here results in a pleasurable experience.

Active Adults Realty is going to serve as a client’s central point of contact and assist them through the real estate process, Sperl-Bell said.

Bill Bell said collectively, the company has more than 50 years of experience in real estate, and it uses established community business relationships to benefit clients.

The company’s website,, provides future residents and visitors with information about Delaware’s ‘Boomer Way of Life.’

Active Adults Realty is located at 1504 Savannah Road, near Lewes. For information, call 302-424-1890.

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