Groups speak out at Bans Off Our Bodies Rally

Women’s March Sussex sponsors event to protest possible overturn of Roe v. Wade
May 20, 2022

More than 150 people gathered on The Circle in Georgetown May 14 to take part in the Bans Off Our Bodies Rally, one of hundreds of pro-reproductive rights rallies taking part throughout the country.

Organized by Women’s March Sussex, the rally took place to protest a possible U.S. Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, which for 50 years has given women the right to abortion.

Paulette Rappa, one of the organizers, led off the rally saying grassroots efforts are spreading the word. “How tired are you? How enraged are you? Let them hear you in Washington. Let them know we are not happy,” she said. “If they think we were nasty in 2016 [when Women’s March was formed], I say buckle up buttercup because you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Women’s March Sussex was the first to organize in the country.

Two of the speakers talked about a proposed ordinance in the City of Seaford which would require the burial of fetal remains. They claim the ordinance is aimed at the recently opened Planned Parenthood clinic in Seaford. Rebecca Lowe, one of the founders of Women’s March Sussex, said the ordinance only stigmatizes women, and creates administrative and financial burdens. “The proposed ordinance skirts Delaware law. They will not stop, and it doesn’t matter there is a lawsuit filed against the city. They will not stop until we stop them,” she said.

Lowe said even though the ordinance has been ruled against by the Delaware attorney general, Seaford officials are working to rewrite it.

Another speaker, Stacie Spicer, who ran unsuccessfully for Seaford City Council, said one of the main reasons she entered the race was because of the proposed ordinance.

“We are not going back,” said Georgetown Councilwoman Christina Diaz-Malone. “I will give my last drop of blood to our sisters and brothers.”

Pointing to herself, Diaz-Malone said, “This is not your parking zone to claim political victory. We will not be scared.”

Rappa and other speakers urged those in attendance to get involved in the upcoming election to elect pro-choice candidates.

Sponsors of the event included Delaware National Organization of Women, ACLU of Delaware, Black Mothers in Power, Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice and Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Delaware.


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