Candace Vessella sworn in as Lewes councilwoman

Retired U.S. Navy veteran jump-starts Lewes nonprofits with first motion
June 10, 2022

Candace Vessella was officially sworn into office as a member of Lewes City Council during a workshop meeting June 1. Vessella, whose nomination was approved unanimously during May’s mayor and city council meeting, has a long history of serving Lewes in a number of different roles. 

As a member of council, she will be unable to remain on the parks and recreation commission and the board of adjustment. Bill Aldelman will replace Vessella on parks and rec. Mayor Andrew Williams deferred appointing Vessella’s board of adjustment replacement until the Monday, June 13 meeting to allow time to properly vet a number of residents interested in the position.

Vessella’s first motion of her tenure resulted in the appointment of Councilwoman Carolyn Jones and Councilman Tim Ritzert to the use coordination committee for the nonprofits room in the Rollins Community Center. The committee is new, stemming from the landlord-tenant agreement that allows the periodical room on the first floor of the center to serve as a display hub for Lewes nonprofits. 

Joining Jones and Ritzert on the committee will be City Manager Ann Marie Townshend and two members of the Lewes Historical Society. The group is tasked with selecting the nonprofit for each display and setting guidelines for each group’s display.

Vessella wrapped up her first workshop as councilwoman by volunteering herself to serve as the council member on an ad hoc committee created to explore legal services available to the city.  The newly formed group will research the possibility of using different solicitors to serve certain committees as a way to avoid conflicts of interest.


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