Don’t hate people because they’re different

November 25, 2022

I love the Gazette because it has readers of all political views, a rare thing these days. Today, I hope that eyes other than in my political bubble read this.

Five people died in a hate crime this week. None of them, or others who have been killed, were grooming anybody for anything, causing danger in restrooms, advocating to teach kindergarteners about sex or any of the other outrageous lies found on conservative media or online hate speech. They were merely trying to live their lives, like the rest of us.

The shooters do the crimes, but they are pushed to violence by politicians and commentators demonizing minorities and making people fear them. Right from the Nazi playbook, the lies make good people turn on their neighbors. 

Cling to your own political views about reproductive freedom, taxes and policies, and I will cling to mine. But do not believe the lies spread by commentators and politicians gaining wealth and power by telling you to hate others. 

Fay Jacobs
Rehoboth Beach


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