Susan and Mark Guiteras open Delaware Dynamix

Gymnastics facility in Harbeson aims to get kids interested in the sport
February 8, 2024

Story Location:
Delaware Dynamix
26850 Lewes Georgetown Highway
Harbeson, DE 19951
United States

A lifelong gymnast and coach, Susan Guiteras said she’s always wanted to have her own gymnastics facility. Now, with her husband Mark recently retired and her kids grown, Guiteras has made that dream a reality with Delaware Dynamix.

“Over the years, it’s always been something that’s been in the back of my mind,” said Guiteras.

A wildlife biologist by trade, Guiteras competed as a college gymnast at Bowling Green State University.

“After doing some market research, this is a place that’s needed here at the beach,” she said.

Located off Route 9 in Harbeson, in the building that was most recently the home of JennyGems, Guiteras said the space is pretty much exactly what they need. If it was bigger, there wouldn’t be enough equipment to fill it up; if it was smaller, there wouldn’t be enough space, she said.

“Once we started looking around, things basically fell into place. I could just see that it would be a good space,” said Guiteras, who credited her husband with doing a lot of the work behind the scenes.

“He’s been very supportive of everything,” said Guiteras, laughing. She added, “It’s a good thing, too, because he knew from the beginning this sport was part of the package with me.”

About the most important thing her husband has done is scour the internet and online auctions for equipment, said Guiteras.

“It’s all still in good shape, but most of the equipment has been previously flipped on,” she said.

Guiteras said her classes focus mainly on younger kids who are just getting started. This facility is meant to get kids into the sport, she said.

“Coaching kids at that level has always been fun,” she said.

So far, the support and interest have been a bit overwhelming, said Guiteras. But that’s a good thing, she said, and why she and her husband have opened Delaware Dynamix.

“We did it because there’s a need,” she said.

For more information on Delaware Dynamix, 26850 Lewes-Georgetown Hwy., email or go to


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