Sunrise Real Estate

We understand that selling property is complicated, expensive and stressful.  Most people choose to work with a real estate professional to help them navigate this challenging process.

When owners choose Sunrise Real Estate, they are choosing a locally owned and operated firm that has been working alongside clients since 2004.

When owners choose Sunrise Real Estate, they are choosing to save thousands of dollars.  Our listing commissions are lower than most large brokerages.  We charge 1.5% to sell your property.  At Sunrise Real Estate, we understand that you want to keep more of your own money when you sell.

When owners choose Sunrise Real Estate, they are choosing the dedicated experience of a local team of professionals.  Sunrise Real Estate is not a “discount” or “limited service” brokerage.  Sunrise will guide you through the entire process from listing to closing.

There have been some huge changes to the way most people buy and sell real estate in the last two decades.  The internet is the most powerful tool to get your property in front of sellers.  The internet treats all listings equally- regardless of which brokerage lists the property.

At Sunrise Real Estate, we will ensure your property gets the presentation it deserves with a Matterport 3-D virtual tour and outstanding photos.  Our marketing team will prepare a custom email marketing campaign to reach out to potential buyers and other real estate professionals.

When it comes time to navigate towards closing, you can rely on Sunrise’s 20 years of market experience.  We have experience in residential sales, new construction (through our affiliate Aurora Homes), local zoning, commercial leasing and sales, and all aspects of land use.

Sunrise charges no additional fees of any kind.  There are no “admin” fees, and we don’t charge for our Matterport tours or pictures.  Sunrise earns a fee when your property sells.  There are no surprises.

Sunrise doesn’t have a magical formula.  The reality is that the cost of marketing a property has dropped dramatically over the last few decades, but brokerage’s fees haven’t changed.  Unlike other large brokerages, Sunrise Real Estate passes that savings on to you.  It’s really that simple.

If you’re thinking about selling property in Sussex County, then Sunrise Real Estate would love to be a part of the conversation.


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