How Zillow Sends a Barrage of Unwanted Calls Your Way

January 13, 2021


Discover what home buyers may not know about using Zillow for their house hunting.

Every time you fill out a form or send in an inquiry on Zillow or or Trulia, you will be barraged by calls and emails from dozens of agents. There are hundreds of sites, more every day, all designed to capture your information and sell it to not one, but many different agents.

People wonder why they are getting so many calls and emails and then these potential buyers stop responding. The barrage of unwanted calls from the other sites makes it harder for us to get through when we respond to the inquiry you submitted on our website.

All of these Internet sites have decided that “real estate is a hot business” and they want a piece of it. I remember back in the day when I was a travel agent. This was before electronic ticketing. This was when you went to your local travel agent even to book an airline flight. Agents handled individual travel, large group travel, and charters. How many travel agents do you know today? I do know a few and the ones who survived are specialists.

Look for the Delaware Specialists..

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