Staging a Home? Be Sure to Dust

January 14, 2022

Staging a Home? Be Sure to Dust

Dust is unsightly and sends a bad sign that your home isn’t well taken care of. While you’re probably doing a good job of dusting prominent surfaces in your home, such as coffee tables and dressers, there could be places you are overlooking, such as these:

Lamps and lampshades are places where dust gathers, and if those lights are on when potential buyers visit your home, all that dust will stand out. You can make lampshades look their best by using your vacuum’s brush attachment to clean them. Don’t forget to check the lamps in your kitchen and the lighting fixtures in hallways and bathrooms.

Giving bookshelves a quick dusting doesn’t do a thorough job. Take all the books off the shelf and dust them—you might be surprised at how much dust has gathered on those books. Then, thoroughly dust the shelves before putting the books back. Do the same with shelves that are home to souvenirs and knickknacks.

Ceilings and Floors
Be sure to vacuum your home’s ceilings, especially corners and around vents. Again, use your vacuum’s brush attachment so that you don’t scuff or scratch your walls. Floors also can attract dust, especially in corners. Be sure to take a look at the base of your walls where it meets the carpet and thoroughly vacuum that area.

Guest Rooms 
If you have a guest room or spare room that isn’t used often, it may need a good dusting. Give it a good look over, inspect the tables, beds and floors to make sure everything is dust free.

Wall Decorations
All those special family photos and beautiful works of art hanging on your walls can become magnets for dust. Thoroughly clean those, as well as framed pictures that are on tables or desks, front and back. And while you’re focused on your walls, dust the molding around your doors and along the floor.

Keeping the dust out of your home will help make sure it’s ready for visitors and open houses.


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